• Yamaha DTXHP587 Hybrid Pack

Yamaha DTXHP587 Hybrid Pack

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The XP80 is a 3-zone DTX-PAD that feels close to acoustic drums and integrates naturally into a hybrid kit. The compact TP70 pad feels great and together with the module can be mounted anywhere on your kit using the included drum hardware. The pads and two drum triggers connect to the DTX502 with 691 onboard sounds, and you can import your own samples. Use all DTX functions with your acoustic kit, including sound layering, drum training exercises, and play along songs.

Designed for Creating Hybrid Kits

The DTX502 drum trigger module was designed for use with virtually any acoustic drum hardware, electronic drum pad or acoustic drum trigger. With flexible mounting options and compatibility with 37 different types of pads, pedals and triggers the DTX502 delivers - no matter how you plan to build your hybrid dream kit.

Import Your Favorite Sounds and Songs

In addition to the 691 preset sounds, the DTX502 lets you import new samples (16-bit WAVE/AIFF format), and new songs (MIDI files) via the MusicSoft Manager app for Apple iOS devices or MusicSoft Downloader for Windows PC. Trigger custom samples with your acoustic drums and play along to your favorite MIDI songs.

Practice Tools that Improve your Groove

Yamaha’s popular groove tools have set the standard for educational functions that are not only easy and fun to use, but actually help you become a better drummer. The DTX502 Series has a collection of training functions including the popular Groove Check that displays whether you are playing early or late, so you can more easily correct undesirable habits. Rhythm Gate is like a drumming game that automatically mutes the sound if you playing is too far out of time, so you quickly learn to control your groove and play “in the pocket”. Practice has never been this much fun!

AUX INPUT Connection to Play Along With Your Favorite Tunes

The DTX502 includes an audio input for connecting an external music player to the module so you can play along with your favorite music, either though the main output or in your headphones to quickly master the piece you want to learn note for note.

Programmable Click Tracks with the Hi-Performance Metronome

The DTX502 is equipped with a high-performance, programmable metronome made for drummers that allows complicated rhythms and tones to be set. The metronome helps you maintain a steady rhythm, not only with a ticking sound but also with a blinking light so you can visualize the tempo as well. Moreover, there are many other useful click functions such as a built-in timer for self-timed practice sessions or stopping the click automatically after you have established the tempo.

Impressive Expandability and Upgrades

The DTX HYBRID PACKS are each expandable should you want to add more drum pads or triggers to your hybrid setup. All kinds of upgrades are possible, including support for creating a completely electronic drum kit.

USB MIDI Connection Offers More Possibilities

With the USB MIDI port you can connect the DTX502 to a computer or other MIDI devices, allowing you to record your drum performance data or as a controller of software-based sound sources such as VST instruments. With USB you can also connect to supported Apple iOS devices and enhance your experience with DTX502 Touch, MusicSoft Manager, and SongBeats.


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